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Flood Insurance

What are my Flood Insurance Options?

Olympian Insurance offers several kinds of insurance coverage policies to meet the needs of Texas property owners. Flood insurance is one of the policies that every homeowner and business owner needs to consider. Flooding can happen for many reasons:

  • Rivers rise suddenly during a rainy season.
  • Small creeks next to homes swell far beyond their banks.
  • A burst pipe can cause the same kind of damage as a natural flood.

Your property may be located near water, or it may be in an arid area. Flooding can happen almost anywhere in the state. It is worthwhile to look into flood insurance. We can help you.

Qualifying For Flood Insurance

If you've ever wondered about your property, what kind of coverage you've got, and whether damages from flooding are included, contact us. Here at Olympian Insurance, we're ready to examine your current policy and help you understand it. We can determine if your property is located in an officially designated flood zone; if that's the case, then you'll be required by state law to carry flood insurance. If you aren't in a flood zone, then you're free to consider whether you'll carry flood insurance. After all, Texas annually sees many flooding incidents just about everywhere you could live. We can show you all the latest policies available. We'll have an updated record of the flood zones as well. Those do shift from time to time. You can compare your policy with other available ones.

We Have The Answers

Standard homeowner's insurance does not provide for flooding coverage. Flood zones occasionally shift as development affects the local environment. Your home's value may have changed because local real estate values changed. Perhaps you had some remodeling done. Now is an excellent time to consider a flood insurance policy or learn about updated policies that will work for you. Contact us today.