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Health Insurance

Texans have a wide range of options for health insurance. Are you feeling analysis paralysis as you consider all the possibilities? Don’t worry. Take a deep breath and read on for some helpful information about health insurance in Texas from Olympian Insurance.

State requirements

You should know that in the state of Texas, people are not required to have health insurance, and employers are not required to provide it. But many individuals and families decide to invest in health insurance to keep routine costs down and to protect themselves in case of the development of a disease, accident, or another expensive medical event. If you’re considering purchasing health insurance in Texas, it’s vital to be well-informed of all your options. There are a few benefits that health insurance providers are required to cover in the state of Texas. Preventative services, such as checkups, contraceptives, and more are required to be covered by health insurance plans according to federal law.

Coverage options

In Texas, there are four kinds of major medical health plans currently available. These four are:

  • HMO plans
  • exclusive provider (EPO) plans
  • preferred provider (PPO) plans
  • point-of-service plans

To save money, keeping costs as low as possible, it’s crucial to use in-network providers for all medical services you (and/or your family) need. Less common health insurance policies include specified disease policies (which only cover costs related to a specific disease) and short-term policies (sometimes people purchase these when they don’t have other health insurance coverage because of job loss or another reason for a gap in coverage).

What’s covered?

This question is critical to find the answer to before you sign up for any health insurance plan in Texas. Coverage varies widely between companies and even between employers, so make sure you investigate and ask plenty of questions before purchasing health insurance in Texas.

Have you got questions?

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