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Home Insurance

Whether you are a new homeowner or are looking to replace your current insurance, our knowledgable staff at Olympian Insurance is up to date on the latest Texas insurance requirements. As one of the most significant investments most of us make, protecting your home and contents from all the hazards that can occur is our primary consideration. Bad things happen and making sure you have the coverage you need can make sleeping at night a lot easier.

Primary Dwelling

Home insurance covers your main structure against many of the things that can happen, such as fire, wind, lightning strikes, theft, and vandalism. This coverage also covers things like your deck and attached garage. It will help you to repair or rebuild your home. Some things like floods and earthquakes are not covered under a regular home policy.


If you have a detached garage, casita, or shed, this insurance protects these buildings from covered events in the same way it covers the main structure.

Personal property

If a covered hazard occurs, your personal property insurance coverage will allow you to replace the things that have been damaged or completely lost. This coverage has limits that you need to discuss with an insurance professional.

Loss of use

If a catastrophic event happens to your home, you may not be able to live in it. With the loss of use coverage, you will be able to find another place to live in the interim. It can be a hotel, rental home, or apartment. You have enough to worry about when a covered event happens without worrying about how you can afford to live away from your home.


If someone is injured while visiting your home or away from your home by a family member or pet, liability insurance protects you against any legal action that may be taken against you. It also pays for medical or legal bills that are incurred.

If you are a Texas resident, you can feel confident contacting Olympian Insurance with your home insurance needs to get a no-obligation quote. Reach out to our office to have your questions answered and to get started.